Porsche logo and Porsche History

Porsche is the company logo is based on the arms of the free people of the state of Württemberg, the former Weimar Germany, which had as its capital Stuttgart and became part of Baden-Württemberg from the political consolidation of Western Germany in 1949.

The first Porsche was the 64 model available in 1938. The second model was the 356 of 1948 built in Gmünd in Austria, where the company had been evacuated in 1944, but after building 49 cars she returned to Zuffenhausen. Ferdinand died shortly thereafter and his son Ferry Porsche took the reins. The 356 was a modified Volkswagen Beetle. The last came with a 4-cylinder flat totally designed by Porsche.

Historically, the first draft of the 911 dates back to 1959, the final version, it will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1963. The 911 had to keep a family with the 356. In the engine compartment, will opt for a six-cylinder 2-liter, lighter, air cooled, and always placed at the rear. His first name was "901", but Peugeot have filed all issues with a central zero, it was abandoned in favor of the current designation "911". Thus was born the 911 which, therefore, has evolved with its boxer engine torque and exciting sound that appeals to lovers.

In 1963, after success in the race, the Porsche 911 was launched with a six-cylinder "boxer". This model remains the benchmark of the brand. Over the years, industrial relations with Volkswagen and its Audi subsidiary remained very close.

The little son of Ferdinand, Ferdinand Piëch, still its main shareholder in 2009, was the executive chairman of Volkswagen. The current is Martin Winterkorn just Audi, Piëch having assumed the chair of the supervisory board (supervisory body, rather than direction) of Volkswagen.

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