Vauxhall beautiful logo and Vauxhall Compay history

Vauxhall Motors is a subsidiary of automaker Opel models which are derivatives of Opel cars, modified in the contract and British roads (LHD).

Vauxhall is a firm based in London and in Luton, to build a five-horse transmission chain in 1903 and torpedoes two places horizontal single-cylinder engines of six horses in 1905.

Vauxhall was bought by General Motors in 1925.

In 1931, the Vauxhall Six, the two liters Kadett is the first English with a box synchronized. The Ten of 1938 was the first monohull English.

In 1950, Vauxhall launched its first post-war: the Velox and Wyvern. These models were based on the output line of Chevrolets in 1948.

In 1963, Vauxhall further broadens its range downwards by proposing the Viva, located below the Victor. This model, which inaugurated the new factory in Ellesmere could be compared to the Opel Kadett.

The Viva was replaced in 1966 and 1970 with the Magnum version sportier.

In 1975, Vauxhall models included two out of the Opel range and changed the front. On the one hand, the Chevette, a small three-door car, identical to the Opel Kadett City released the same year, and secondly, the Cavalier, identical to the Opel Ascona. The Chevette is produced 400 000 copies in 1975.

By 1981, the Cavalier will be in all respects identical to the Opel Ascona and the Opel Vectra. The Cavalier is also available in coupe, in all respects identical to the Opel Manta. Since 1986, all Vauxhall became identical Opel and Vauxhall is a subsidiary Opel. The history of Vauxhall coincides therefore with the Opel.

In 2009, due to financial difficulties, General Motors launches negotiations to be separated from Opel. Canadian automotive supplier Magna International, allied to the Russian bank Sberbank, has been the highest bid.

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