Ferrari logo And Ferrari History

The company is located in Maranello, Emilia-Romagna, 35 km from Bologna. Enzo Ferrari built in the aftermath of the Second World War, on land he had acquired during the war in this big town located 18 km south of Modena (Modena), all new facilities, which were built the first cars bearing the name "Ferrari. "

In 1989, a year after the death of Enzo Ferrari, Fiat, now the majority, put the company under the thumb of "officials of Turin, and five years later, in 1993, the company, up for dead, sell more than 2 289 to 4 cars against 595 two years ago. At the time, even if the cars were racing animals recognized their quality was poor, they had no comfort and finish was not without blemish.

Ferrari is still a subsidiary of the Fiat group, providing engines (about 7 500 per year) and body paint Maserati. In June 2002, Fiat, burdened by huge debts, was forced to sell 34% of Ferrari to Mediobanca Italian financial group for an amount of EUR 775 million and a stock exchange had even been considered.

Giovanni Agnelli in 2004 then called the head of Ferrari, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, who was assistant to Enzo Ferrari. In 2005, the company sold 5 399 cars and 5 743 in 2006, advancing its turnover by 17%. The pressure of such dealers is that Ferrari could produce and sell more than 12 000 cars per year. However, company policy is to stay closer to craft than industrial production, especially since it is a huge demand for tailor-made cars.

The restructuring of Fiat, Sergio Marchionne conducted on the fruit, it was argued in late September 2006 an option to repurchase from Mediobanca, which has enabled it to recover 29% of Ferrari for approximately 800 million euros, bringing its control 85%. The remaining 5% had been sold by the bank to fund investments Mudabala Dubai. Piero Ferrari, son Enzo still 10% of the group.

For the 60th anniversary of the company, it was organized a raid Ferrari. Party on 28 January 2007 Abu Dhabi - namesake city for a future theme park - has crossed over some fifty countries for a concentration of 21 to 24 June 2007 at Maranello.

The 2007 production amounted to 6368 GT cars.

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