Lagonda cars Logo and Lagonda history

Lagonda cars history
Lagonda is a trademark of British luxury cars, it is currently owned by Aston Martin.

Within the group Aston Martin, it is the brand of vehicles sporting less assertive, that is to say, prestige limousines and luxury SUVs. The Lagonda SUV Crossover has been presented at international exhibition of the Geneva Motor Show 2009 is such a competitor the Porsche Cayenne.

The most famous model is arguably the angular Series 2 made in 1976, whose design is due to William (Bill) Towns, already author of Round 1. It is based on the DBS V8 and was built in eight copies.

Two years were necessary to ensure the development, most of the lagging is to bring to account the electronics very advanced for its time. The evolution of the model give birth to the Series 3 (injection) and Series 4 (redesign of the body). 645 copies will be built until production ceased in 1989, with a total of six different versions (three in series 2, two in series 3, series 4 having a known version).

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