Lamborghini Logos and Lamborghini History

The Lamborghini Bull logo corresponds to that of the founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, zodiacal sign (Taurus). Most cars of the company have been named after famous fighting bulls (oddly most have been Spanish bulls not italian).

Interestingly it says that the choice of an animal and the colors used in the logo (gold on black background, and a charging bull) are suspiciously similar to the Ferrari logo (a black horse on a yellow background). It is believed that this was not an accident from Lamborghini, who had a long (and not always friendly) rivalry with Ferrari.

Lamborghini History

* 1949: Ferruccio Lamborghini founded the company "Lamborghini Trattori", specializing in the construction of agricultural tractors. It will diversify its business successfully in manufacturing heating equipment. Become rich, it can acquire dream cars: Jaguar, Ferrari. "Disappointed" by Ferrari (peak speed and aerodynamic), he complains and offers "solutions" engineering Enzo Ferrari, who rebuffed "farmer". He then decides to build his own grand touring car. He surrounds himself with a team of promising young engineers.

* 1973: Ferruccio Lamborghini sold 51% of its capital to Georges-Henri Rossetti, a Swiss investor. It will sell the remaining 49% the following year to René Leimer, a friend of Rossetti. The 1973 oil crisis, combined with other problems, the firm is in difficulty and Ferrucio decided to throw in the towel by selling the brand to the low-competent fails ruin. After various vicissitudes, sometimes at the limits of legality, the firm is taken over by the Indonesian President Suharto for his son Hutamo. Questionable information [ref. necessary].

* 1980: The Mimran brothers, two French heirs of a major food company, bought the company after filing for bankruptcy.
* 1986: Lamborghini launches - very briefly - in the construction of high performance motorcycles, with the Boxer. This bike is at its release, the most expensive in the world. There were only five copies in circulation [1].
* 1987: Taken over by Chrysler in April.
* 1989: Participation in World Championship Formula 1 with the Larrousse team. The driver Philippe Alliot mark a point in Spain.
* 1990: Lamborghini provides engines to teams Lotus and Larrousse. The Japanese driver Aguri Suzuki finished third in his national award.
* 1991: Lamborghini calls its own Formula 1 team under the name of "Team Modena. It also supplies engines to the Ligier team.
* 1992: Chrysler sells Lamborghini to Megatech, an Indonesian company.
* 1993: February 20, Ferruccio Lamborghini, who suffered a heart attack, dies at the hospital of Perugia.
* 1998: Lamborghini is owned by Audi and consequently of the Volkswagen group.

The lamborghini logo is a registered trademark of the Lamborghini Company. Use of the logo here does not imply endorsement of the organization by this site.
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