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Jeep history

Jeep is pronounced in English "jampe. The first prototype (the Bantam) developed by the Ford Motor Company, and the Ford GP (GP for General Purpose or "general purpose", or Government Purposes or "government use"). Jeep could therefore come therefore GP (pronounced in English "jampe). This etymology, as found in all dictionaries French, is controversial.
Jeep logo images and jeep logo wallpaper
The acronym "Just Enough Essential Parts" ( "Just enough essential parts") is another possible explanation. Indeed, the first batch of these vehicles was designed to be the simplest and cheapest way possible. These cars were minimal, with no comfort, and built for a short period of service.

It is commonly accepted that the name of the jeep from a comic strip of the 1930s, Popeye EC Segar, which is an imaginary animal called the fort jeep (Pilou Pilou-French), possessing extraordinary powers. The name was used for the Jeep because of the unique characteristics of the craft.

However, Major EP Hogan, who wrote a history of the Jeep to the military review Quartermaster Review, stated that the word "jeep" already meant for men of the Army since World War I, a young rookie or a new type of military vehicle motor untested.

Convinced that sooner or later he would have to enter the Second World War against the Axis, the Government of the United States of America decided to define a vehicle "ideal" for his army and made a call for tenders. The specification provides four-wheel drive, a weight of 590 kg and the capacity to carry 272 kg, including crew, ground clearance of 16 cm, narrow lanes of 1.494 m to borrow, tires removed, the permanent way of iron.

A small manufacturer unknown, Bantam, will succeed only to meet deadlines and take the market, at least initially. He had the cunning to defy the weight limit, unattainable, and who had a request from the infantry. It wanted to bring his car to a man's arm. The other advantage was to commit to this project a clever engineer Karl Probst, who was able to agree the necessary favor of Spicer, the sole supplier of 4x4 transmission. Probst arrived back, Willys and Ford would have to wait Bantam is used for delivery. To his misfortune Bantam will not the market because the firm lacks the capacity volume announced by the Quater Master Corps. To "compensate" it has BANTAM entrust the manufacture of trailers 1 / 4 ton type T3. Willys also manufacture trailers 1 / 4 ton type MBT.

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