Lexus logo and Lexus history

Lexus logo history
Lexus is a car manufacturer, created from scratch in 1987 by Toyota. Is the U.S. division's high-end Toyota. It is based in Torrance, California. Component models in the Lexus line are by country models range from Japanese Toyota and design patterns unmistakably Lexus. France has always had models designed by Lexus. The U.S., the GX is a rebadge Toyota Land Cruiser.

Lexus is planning to focus on quality and flawless finish. The Lexus brand is also sold in Europe, Oceania, Asia, Africa, South America and North America.

Lexus is the first premium manufacturer to have incorporated hybrid versions of its ranges. Of their performance, fuel consumption, pollution levels and approval, these models adorns most of the range models (RX 400h, GS 450h and LS 600h).

Since 2005, Lexus sold on the Japanese market, ousting the Toyota range corresponding models (for the GS Aristo, Celsior for the LS, for the IS Altezza and Soarer for SC). In contrast, the RX SUV remained in the Toyota range in its appellation, Harrier, until the arrival of the third generation, in January 2009. The Japanese know henceforth, too, the Lexus RX.

Anecdotally, the CEO of Toyota in 1987 had enough, during his trip of having to travel in large sedan that were not Toyota. Returned to Japan he was given carte blanche and the first LS sedan was released in the USA.

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