Lincoln automobile Logo and Lincoln history

Lincoln automobile history

The Lincoln brand was founded in 1917 in Detroit by Henry M. Leland, founder of the Cadillac. After the First World War, Henry Leland began to establish itself as a luxury car manufacturer, but it suffers from significant financial woes. The company was then bought by Henry Ford in 1922, which makes its prestige division.

If the Presidents of the United States Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge are each owners of a Lincoln L (respectively in 1921 and 1924), it was not until 1939 that Lincoln became the official supplier to the White House to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Dubbed "Sunshine Special" The car was specially built for the car parade of official visits of the President. This tradition continues until President George Bush senior. The brand is so tragically associated with President John F. Kennedy, assassinated in the back of his Lincoln Continental X-100 in Dallas November 22, 1963.

On the drawing less ostentatious than rival models from Cadillac, Lincoln models experiencing a minor release. But the "Zephyr" in 1936 and the "Continental" in 1939 are milestones in the American style car. And it is the sober and straight to the Continental in 1961 that put an end to fashion wings of American cars of the 1950s. His descendant of the 1980s is also the archetype of the "limo" American inordinately lengthened chassis. Finally, Lincoln is the first American manufacturer of luxury which incorporates a model to its SUV range with the Navigator in 1998.

Today, Lincoln offers a range of 3 sedans and SUVs 3 derived luxuriously treated American Ford models.

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