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KIA logo history  
Founded in 1944 by Chul-Ho Kim to manufacture components for bicycles, KIA fashion their first two-wheeled vehicle on samcholli-ho in 1952. This model will remain in production for nine years.

KIA in 1961 launched its first motorcycle, the C-100 and three months later the scooter K-360. It will take nine years for KIA launched production of automobiles under the brand Asia Motors in 1971, assembling the Fiat 124 licensed to market South Korea. 1973 KIA achieve its first gasoline engine for cars. In 1974 Asia Motors becomes KIA Motors Company and launches the first car of its own design that will export from 1975. Three years later, KIA launches its first diesel engine in 1976, he began licensed production of the Fiat 132 and Peugeot 604.

The 80 years mark a turning point in the company with the launch of a small van, the Bongo, then KIA partner with Japan's Mazda to build a vehicle for agriculture. In 1986 a new shareholder enters capital KIA, Ford, which will be manufactured by the KIA model Ford Festiva in the Korean factory and then exported to the USA.

In 1997, after a prosperous period which allowed a rapid expansion, KIA plunged into a deep crisis affecting the whole South East Asia. KIA will be declared bankrupt and will be redeemed on 1 December 1998 by its main competitor, Hyundai Motor.

Kia Motors Company is now the oldest car manufacturer in Korea. KIA employs over 32,000 people at 12 production sites worldwide.

The first syllable of the word Ki KIA means "to reveal to the world. The second syllable A is the first letter of the word Asia. So, Kia means "Asia is revealed to the world."

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