Cizeta-Moroder logo wallpaper and Cizeta-Moroder history

The Cizeta-Moroder V16 T is an Italian sports car (built from 1991 to 1995) created by automotive engineer Claudio Zampolli in a joint venture with music composer Giorgio Moroder. It was the only company product Cizeta. It was developed by a group of former employees of Lamborghini and originally introduced in 1988.

The Cizeta-Moroder name comes from the Italian spelling of the initials of the designer Claudio Zampolli (Ci-Zeta) and Giorgio Moroder. The T means that its V16 engine is a V16 unit mounted transversely central position back just before the rear axle and rear seat passengers. However, the engine was not a true V16. Instead, it has been designed from the start as two V8 plane sharing a single block, mounted transversely, with gearing between the two providing a single output from the center of the motor assembly to the longitudinal transmission.

The car has been considered from the outset as an exclusive sports car easily capable of topping 200 mph (320 km / h) top speed to 205 mph (328 km / h) and requiring only 4 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (97 kph), while at the same time equipped with numerous luxury features.

The frame was made of a honeycomb aluminum, wrapped in a slim designed by renowned Marcello Gandini, who had designed the Lamborghini Countach and some aerodynamic Maserati (and later, the Lamborghini Diablo).

In 1991, the list price for Cizeta-Moroder was an estimated € 250,000 or $ 300,000. That price tag is rendered non-viable for most people who have such a wealth to buy, because the amounts are produced at the end of the speculative boom leading sports car prices, or the fact that buyers generally buy rather created brand names (ie Ferrari, Lamborghini) and the global recession will follow, like his contemporary and ultra-fast sports cars including the McLaren F1. Although predictions for the production included a car a week, only eight examples were actually built (from 1991 until the demise of the company in 1995). Now the car is still in production (on request), but again with a big price tag of $ 649,000, $ 849.000 respectively for TTJ Spyder, excluding shipping, taxes and extras.

Named after eccentric training, this sports car is the Miura concept a step further by using a V16 engine mated to a transverse gearbox longitudinal formed and the shape of a T.

Claudio Zampolli Cizeta first proposed in the mid eighties and had a fully functional prototype ready in 1988. The end result looks like a Diablo in the rough, but because it was inspired by the work of Marcello Gandini for Lamborghini.

Upon receipt of the Gandini design for replacement Countach, Lamborghini has taken the concept and has radically changed, including the withdrawal of its signature notch rear wheel arches. Frustrated by Lamborghini, Gandini, then turned to Cizeta who proposed to keep its original flavor.

Never before has the world seen a V16 engine mounted in a cross pattern. Such a configuration is necessary because of the great length of the engine, but also made the car the largest ever produced.

Essentially, two flat-plane V8 were grafted mechanisms such as shared calendar the Space Center. Liaison between the two made a unique contribution to the transmission mounted longitudinally.

Develop and implement a new engine was a huge achievement, especially for a manufacturer to come. Most transmission components have been specially Cizeta outsourced and then assembled the complete car around their own bath aluminum honeycomb.

Once completed, the car sold for U.S. $ 400 000 which was difficult to consider selling the company had no history of racial Heritage Company to build on. For these reasons, ten cars were completed and V16 was the only car ever made Cizeta.

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