Rambler automobile Logo and Rambler history

Rambler automobile history
Rambler is a registered automobile used by the company, Thomas B. Jeffery Between 1900 and 1914, then by its successor, Nash Motors from 1950 to 1954, and finally by Nash's successor, American Motors Corporation from 1954 to 1969. It has often been nicknamed the "Kenosha Cadillac" after its place of manufacture.

The first use of the name Rambler for an American date of the vehicle is in 1897, when Thomas B. Jeffery, Chicago, Illinois and the builder of the Rambler bicycle, constructed his first prototype automobile.

After receiving positive feedback from 1899 Chicago International Exhibition & Tournament and the First National Automobile Show in New York City, Jeffery decided to enter the automotive market. In 1900 he bought the old mill Sterling Bicycle Co. in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and open a workshop.

Jeffery started commercially mass-producing cars in 1902 and by the end of 1500 had produced the automobile, one sixth of all existing in the United States at the time. The Thomas B. Jeffery Company was the second automaker to that time (behind Oldsmobile).

Rambler experienced early technical innovations as a steering wheel (as opposed to a tiller), but it was decided that these elements were too advanced for the motorists of the day, so the Ramblers were the first production bar guidelines. Rambler innovated various design features and was the first to equip cars with a spare wheel and tire assembly. This meant that the driver of a Rambler, which saw one of the all-too-common punctures (flat tires) could simply swap the spare wheel and tire for the dish.

In 1914, Charles T. Jeffery, Thomas B. Jeffery's son, replaced the Rambler brand name with Jeffery in honor of his father, now deceased.

In 1916, Thomas B. Jeffery Company was purchased by Charles W. Nash and became Nash Motors Company in 1917. The brand name Jeffery was abandoned when the sale and manufacture of automotive brand Nash began. In 1937 the concern became the Nash-Kelvinator Corporation through a merger with the well known camera manufacturer.

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