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Isuzu history

Isuzu Motors Ltd.. (いすゞ自動車株式会社, Isuzu Jidosha Kabushiki-kaisha?) (Isuzu means "bell") is a Japanese automobile manufacturer mainly specializing in production of 4X4 vehicles, trucks and light weight.

The firm's origins date back to 1893, the year of the creation of the first such company, the Tokyo Ishikawajima Shjipbuilding & Engineering Company Limited, if at first the company built the ship, she quickly abandoned this activity. The first passenger car produced by Isuzu was done in partnership with the British manufacturer, Wolseley Motors Limited. Isuzu is also a manufacturer of diesel engines with power ratings from 7 to 650 horsepower for various commercial purposes, lawn mower, forklift, generator, small boat, and counts among its clients brands Opel, Saab, because they are divisions of General Motors.

In 1916, Tokyo Ishikawajima Shipbuilding and Engineering Ltd. (the predecessor of the Isuzu group) began building a factory for producing cars. In 1918, Tokyo Gas and Electric Industrial Company with the predecessor of the house of Isuzu, the produce truck "A9".

In 1922, the first car built in Japan, courtesy of Wolseley Motor, and sold primarily to the Japanese Imperial Army, but this commercial agreement with British firm ended in 1927.

In 1930, the model Sumida, a truck hood, is produced with a payload of 2 tons. In 1936, after two years of research, a diesel engine of 5.3 liter air-cooled, was manufactured and mounted on the truck TX40, with a payload of 2 tons. The year 1937 is the foundation of the industrial group Tokyo Motors Inc. (predecessor to the legacy of technological know-how), with the merger of Tokyo Jidosha Kogyo (Tokyo Automobile Industry), which later became in 1949: "Isuzu Motors Limited . In 1938 a new factory was inaugurated in Kawasaki, and a large part of production goes to the military during the Second World War. In 1939, the company develops a new diesel, the DA40.

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